About us 

We WOULD like to introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Organic, Natural & Eco Friendly Cosmetic and allied Products under the name and brand of “KHADI BY HERITAGE”.

We, under the banner KHADI BY HERITAGE provide products and services that cater for all OF your beauty needs? 

Every person that needs to maintain their natural looks and at the same time look stunning should access the high-quality products offered by our company. 
Offering over 300 products that ARE fit FOR every individual.

Our range of products include:
Hair Care Products
Face Care Products
Skin Care Products
Body Care Products
Personal Hygiene Products
Lip Care Products
Men & Women Intimacy Products
Natural Honey
Various Personal Travel Kits for Men & Women


Plus a lot more

Our range of Products are unique AND SUITABLE FOR every person interested in keeping their skin healthy and natural. 

OUR  products do not contain harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol and parabens. WE ARE AN ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC COMPANY WHICH IS determined to concoct products THAT CATER TO EVERYONE’S NEEDS 

Using our products will end the disappointments associated with unhealthy skin and other discouragements caused by using skin care products that contain harmful chemicals.

Also, we are proud to support the great initiative taken by our Hon. PM Mr. Narender Modi ji AS all our products are proudly MADE IN INDIA using the highest quality ingredients which are Natural & Organic.

To become our Franchisee or a state level Distributor, you are requested to get in touch with us at Info@KhadiByHeritage.org and we will get back to you or use the online form to submit your


details at www.KhadiByHeritage.org
WhatsApp: +91 99 99 74 22 74



+91-99 99 74 22 74